CVC Story

Train Ride To Kluang

On the 12th of September 2019, the Sensory Integration class combined with the Early Intervention class made a trip to Kluang by train. The children were super happy and excited when we arrived at the train station and were waiting anxiously for the train to come. To most of them, it was their first time experiencing a train ride. It was a very meaningful moment to parents and us teachers to see the children being able to wait for the train to arrive and have so much joy about getting onto the train.

The reason behind this train ride trip was because we wanted all of our children to try the train ride and also enjoy the long bus ride back too. Many parents were very happy and appreciative of the opportunity to join this trip. I’ve realised that the bonding of parents and children on this trip was so important. Also, it was great for parents to get to know and talk to other parents more. Overall, it was a very meaningful and well-spent day that each and everyone of us enjoyed.