Thanks to all of the faithful parents, donors, and teachers who helped to fundraise for a Jacuzzi in October 2014,this newest addition is beyond a tub with water jet and spa functions. It is used as water therapy for our students. The jet serves a specific function in helping our students to relieve stress and muscle tension. The students feel carefree in the water as the Jacuzzi helps them to relax and it is a good platform for them to learn and practise social interaction. Initiating and maintaining play with their peers can help them to build self-confidence and self-esteem.

The Jacuzzi is used as a means of hydrotherapy. It promotes the flow of endorphins, relieves muscle soreness, improves blood circulation, and speeds the recovery from injury.


May praise and thanks be unto God for His blessings that rare showering upon us like rain!Calvary Victory Centre (CVC) has been truly blessed with the newest edition to our school’s facilities – the Jacuzzi!The committee and administration of CVC would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents, donors and staff of CVC for their kindness who have contributed financially to make this newest edition come to pass.

The Jacuzzi is beyond just a tub with water jet and spa functions. Did you know that the Jacuzzi serves the function of stress relief? What we feel (emotions) and think (thoughts) inside, often affects how we feel on the outside (physical). Children with special needs do face stress that we might not know or have often overlooked the stress to learn and be independent.Often theses children are not able to express that stress, frustration, discomfort and irritation through words.As a result? It causes tension and muscle stiffness in them.

Having a water play session is more than merely playing in the water.While engaging themselves in the water play activity, a time of fun and play, it helps shift their focus away from all the stress that they face.In addition, the water jet function in the Jacuzzi helps to take away anxiety, stress and hypertension.Furthermore, it will also relieve them from the muscle tension caused by stress, helping them to be more relaxed.

Besides that, the Jacuzzi is also an appropriate platform for these children to learn more about social interaction.Initiating and maintaining play with their peers increases their social interaction.Initiating and maintaining play with their peers increases their social interactive skills.It also helps them to boost up their self-esteem and self-confidence, having a sense of accomplishment and feel good about themselves when they are able to initiate or maintain interaction with their peers successfully, at the same time reduces their anxiety of being with other people.

In addition, the Jacuzzi also serves the purpose for helping the children to overcome their fear of water.May of these children although love playing in the water however, they are afraid of getting into the water because they do not know the depth and the temperature of the water.With the help of the teachers and seeing their peers enjoying themselves in the water, after a few attempts, the child eventually is willing and eagerly wanting to go into the water every time when water play session arrives.

The Jacuzzi is the most anticipated activity among the children in CVC regardless of their age.It is more than just letting them have fun or enjoying themselves in the water, it is also that they may have more exposure and interaction to their surroundings. to learn through activities outside their classrooms.The smiles on their faces during a water play session is the most guaranteed assurance that they are having a great time and is free from all their negative emotions.It brings great joy and happiness not only for them, but also to their parents and teachers to see them enjoying themselves. None of this could have happened without the help and support from all our valuable parents, donors and staff of CVC.

Once again, thank you all, who have given your support to CVC generously, regardless in prayer, finance or volunteerism, all of your efforts, are deeply appreciated. Last but not least, as CVC continues to prosper and be greatly blessed, we too hope that all our sponsors, donor, parents, students and readers will be blessed abundantly too!For we receive blessings abundantly so that we may bless others as well.

Shuh Ting

Primary Special Class Assistant Head Teacher