Sensory Room

The Sensory Room sponsored by Ronald McDonald’s House Charities Malaysia (RMHC Malaysia), was launched on 24 April 2014.In the Ronald McDonald Sensory Room, our students are uniquely exposed to a tranquil and calming atmosphere that engages the five primary senses of sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste.

This multi-sensory room is furnished with equipment from the UK, which aims to stimulate and help children with learning difficulties and special needs.

The sensory equipment helps develop key life skills including providing social interaction, developing language by increasing vocalisation, increasing concentration and focusing attention, promoting cognitive development by increasing brain function, providing mental and physical relaxation, and improving creativity coordination and responsiveness.

Our students at CVC have definitely welcomed the addition of the sensory room with open arms.


Whenever we see the word”Mcdonalds’s”, I bet we see burgers, french fries and Happy Meals!But there is another important facet to this popular global fast food restaurant.

In its quest for greater social & community responsibilities, McDonald’s Restaurant in USA established its Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC), which has grown to over 285 chapters worldwide. Our local chapter, the Ronald McDonald House Charities Malaysia (RMHC Malaysia) was established in 1990 to create, find and support programmes that directly improve the health and wellbeing of Malaysian children in education, health and welfare. All its administrative costs are borne by McDonald’s, whilst ALL donations received are channelled back to the community.

RMHC Malaysia have undertaken many projects, amongst which are the Ronald McDonald Sensory Room facilities set up in 15 centres for the physically- and intellectually-disabled, in Malaysia. The Sensory Room provides a full range of sensory stimulation in an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation using the “Snoezelen” Multi-Sensory Stimulating system from the UK. It provides a safe and captivating environment where a child can explore and develop his sensory responses, whilst allowing a trained Sensory Integration therapist to work on rehabilitation and enhancement.

On 24 April 2014, CVC became the grateful recipient of the 15th RMHC Sensory Room facility in the country.At the official launch, the President of RMHC Malaysia, Mr Chan Chee Chin, delivered a symbolic key to CVC’s Chairman, Mr Wong Chee Kin, to signify handing-over of completed Sensory Room to CVC. The facility had cost RMCH Malaysia RM120,000, whilst CVC invested about RM20,000 to renovate and equip a room with air-conditioning, electrical supply, partitions and so on.Since its handing-over and commissioning, this facility has been very well utilised throughout the school term.Most CVC pupils have found the facility to be motivating, and presented good opportunities for teachers to work on them in their various areas of needs.

The Official Launch was complemented by a delicious buffet lunch catered by CVC Delights, whilst McDonald’s supplied its trademark burgers and fries which are practically”everyone’s favourite”!McDonald’s mascot, Ronald(also known as its Chief Happiness Officer)infected all present, young and old, with laughter, joy and glee!

Our sincere thanks to RMHC Malaysia for choosing CVC to be the recipient of your goodness!

Wong CK

CVC Committee Chairman

一个让人觉得很温馨的大日子。四月中旬刚过了十五年半生日的加略山得胜中心接到了一个从远方传来的大好消息, 就是麦当劳大集团慷慨报效了一件很珍贵的礼物-多媒体感官治疗室。我们都感到非常的高兴,也感谢神永恒的供应。




Grandfather of Jeric Wong Kwan Yee, student form Primary Special Class