Thanks to all of the donors who sponsored iPads, the iPad educational programme, introduced in 2014, is the latest programme to be incorporated into the school. With the introduction of the iPad, our students have greater flexibility in their learning and are able to improve their communication, motor, and cognitive skills.

The iPad offers the portability and flexiblity that traditional devices such as computers do not. Its touchscreen functions make it intuitive and accessible for our students.

It can be customised and tailored to suit the student’s specific needs whilst helping both verbal and non-verbal students learn language, mathematics, social and communication skills in a fun and attractive way. The iPad is an “All-in-One” teaching aid.


在这新的2016年,CVC 添加了 16 架 I Pad。我们何等感谢信实的神,供应着我们的需要,并看顾这群特殊孩子。

从 2014 年1月开始,这个最新的iPad教学计划已经列入我们学校里一个活动。iPad是个全方位的教材,它能帮助有语言和非语言的学生学习语言,数学,感官,社交,和沟通技能。通过使用iPad,学生在学习方面有显著的进步。


最后,我们由衷地从心里感激Mr Low,大力支持这个iPad教学计划, 谢谢你看见了这群自闭症孩子的需要。在此,我们也要感谢其他的iPad捐献者。我深信神会大大地赐福与你们,谢谢!


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