Let’s support special children while we enjoy our food and have fun.


Calvary Victory Centre (CVC) is one of the ministries of Pusat Kebajikan Kalvari Johor (PKK). CVC has been providing Special Education for children with autism in Johor Bahru since 1998 at a subsidised cost, where over 750 pupils had been helped in the past 22 years.

Due to Covid 19 for these two years, some of our students’ parents have lost their jobs, some of their businesses have badly affected, and some suffered pay cuts. We need to raise about RM200,000 to allow their children to continue to receive care and education.

Please take a few minutes to support this event by being our participants, supporters, or donors. Thank you.

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Donate educational fees for students with autism

Season 2 – Drink

This season of our fundraising, the theme is DRINK! Register for the fundraiser and receive our campaign t-shirt. Whenever you enjoy your favourite kopi, soft drinks, or Coke, take a selfie with your drink while wearing the theme t-shirt, and show your support for special children!

Besides your personal support, we also invite companies and corporations to give generously to this fundraising event, or make a donation.

Do a good deed! Register now.

Registration fee: RM35
Closing date: 30.6.2022


Calvary Victory Centre (CVC) needs to raise RM200,000 yearly in aid of special education services. This fund is to support those of our students’ parents who have lost their jobs or suffered pay cuts, have businesses who were badly affected, are single parents, or face financial difficulties.

We need to raise about RM200,000 to allow their children to continue to receive care and education.

We are targeting 2,000 participants for each season. Please support us by donating RM500, your company shall receive 5 T-Shirts and your company logo will be advertised on our website, Facebook, and Instagram pages throughout January to December 2022.

The schedule for Autism Selfie Charity 2022 is as follows:


Season 1 – Eat
January to March 2022

Season 2 – Drink
April to June 2022

Season 3 – Play
July to September 2022

Season 4 – Fun
October to December 2022


Four seasons in one year

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